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    19 Beautiful And Moving Tweets About Juan Gabriel's Death

    "Flamboyant, fiercely talented, and brown."

    Every hundred years or so, the world is graced with the presence of a legend...

    ...and that legend is Juan Gabriel.

    He was an everyday part of our lives.

    Whether you heard his music blasting on Saturday mornings...

    ...or through the television...

    Fact: if a Novela started with a #JuanGabriel song, you knew it was going to be good! #ElDivodeJuarez #JuanGa

    ...he always reminded us that he too is part of our family.

    JuanGa's vibrant character tore down walls.

    And taught fellow Latinxs that it's OK to be unapologetically yourself.

    He was never afraid to stand out and be seen.

    Twitter: @yuri_herrera

    Translation: "Not only was he a huge singer, Juan Gabriel was a true punk: In a country of masculinity, he danced however the fuck he wanted to do."

    Simply put, he was an absolute force of nature.

    Twitter: @MarcAnthony

    Translation: "When the rain falls, when it disappears, when the moon rises, and when the sun sets, I'll remember you. Rest in peace idol."

    He paved his own path.

    And there's not enough words to express just how iconic he was and will continue to be.

    Twitter: @juanes

    Translation: "I am without words to express my immense sadness for the loss of the great @soyjuangabriel. His music and spirit will live on forever."

    His impact is undeniable.

    He created a safe space through his music.

    And challenged us in a way no artist ever could.

    Twitter: @martypreciado

    Translation: "Juan Gabriel had to face an ocean of prejudices. Even then, he never stopped singing. He challenged us, challenged a society. Today I cry."

    JuanGa is a part of our past, and even bigger part of our future.

    His loss hits hard...

    ...but he will always be our diamond in the rough.

    This particular diamond was extra special. #JuanGaPorSiempre

    Rest in power, Juan Gabriel.