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    17 Parents Who Drunk-Texted Their Kids In The Best Way Possible

    Parenting is hard, but having a margarita isn't.

    1. This mom who was rightfully suspicious:

    2. This dad who lost his Slim Jim:

    3. This mom who was probably laughing the entire time:

    4. This dad who knew to ask the right questions:

    5. This mom who lives for the drama:

    6. This dad whose logic was just a bit flawed:

    7. This mom was just trying to become a momager:

    8. This mom who celebrated her daughter's birthday in her own way:

    9. This mom who likes what she likes:

    10. This dad who had something to say in secret:

    11. This mom who had one too many and took a second to figure this out:

    12. This mom who had Lil' Jon on the mind:

    13. This mom who had to let it all out:

    14. This mom who was overly concerned:

    15. This mom, who wasn't drunk herself, but watched a drunk decision be made:

    also happy mother's day to my mom who sent me a text earlier to tell me my dad drank too much at the pulga this afternoon and decided to get his ear pierced

    16. This dad who gave his daughter his drink order:

    17. And finally, this mom who was two months too late:

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