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21 Slogans That Are So Bad They Might Be Genius

"Get your throat-game ready."

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1. This one hurts a little more than it should.

2. This one prefers the taste of a Southern beefcake.

3. This one acts as a warning to all those looking to beat their cajun meat.

4. This one is looking a little nippy.

5. This one proves that an open mouth is just as important as an open mind.

6. This one is breathtaking. Literally.

7. This one lets anyone start their day with a hot cup of homicide.

8. This one proves that nuts are best when eaten in their natural state.

9. This one confirms that the back door is one worth entering.

10. This one embraces a universally shared experience.

11. This one proves that old clothing can still be extremely useful.

12. This one is all about self-love.

13. This one is probably not sponsored by PETA.

14. This is one is just really badly placed.

15. This one is a testament to just how fun yogurt can be.

16. This one is looking to squeeze much more than just mayo.

17. This one will fight for you, no matter what it takes.

18. This one is all about being inclusive.

19. This one encourages everyone to satisfy their hunger.

20. This one is just trying to have a good time.

21. And finally, this one proves that a good slogan is best when it's left uncut.

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