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27 “Overheard” Conversations That Are So Los Angeles, It Actually Hurts

"We only dated for 11 Instagrams."

As Angelenos who have a master's degree in eavesdropping, we know firsthand about some of the ridiculous things that come out people's mouths.

Luckily for us, OverheardLA has taken eavesdropping to new levels and compiles the most hilarious conversations people in Los Angeles have overheard, and honestly, some of them are just straight-up WILD.

1. This is...very real.

2. Justice for TSA dogs.

3. Can't we have both?

4. Let's get coffee around the holidays?

5. Us as yoga teachers honestly.

6. We can dream.

7. Beautiful food deserves to be documented, OK?

8. Seems like a chill therapist.

9. It can be both.

10. Just...what?

11. Wouldn't surprise us, tbh.

12. Going to LAX takes an entire day.

13. Honesty is always the best policy.

14. It's really just making the best of the situation.

15. Do you have any idea how hard it is to acquire a parking permit? YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE DMV.

16. I mean shopping at Target on a Sunday afternoon *is* cardio, tbh.

17. The poppies are out here making it hard to breathe.

18. Sorry, Iowa.

19. I wouldn't even pick my mom up during rush hour.

20. This is unfortunately 100% factually true.

21. There are so many milks.

22. Imagine thinking you could get anywhere on the 101 in five minutes.

23. Who drives to a club?

24. 1% is the new 10%.

25. There are fewer than five people that I would drive to Pasadena for.

26. Dating is so fun.

27. No one owns a truck, OK???

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