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    Oprah Has A New Line Of Frozen Pizzas And We Tried Them All

    It's not delivery, it's Oprah.

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    If you didn't already know, Oprah added "food mogul" to her massive resume nearly a year ago when she released her own line of microwavable sides and soups.

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    And now our fellow bread-loving billionaire is adding on to her "O, That's Good" food line with something we all love, FROZEN PIZZAS!


    The line is in collaboration with Kraft-Heinz and is dubbed as "pizza made with a nutritious twist." The pizzas retail for $6.99 each and are in stores nationwide as of August 2018.

    What makes these different than some other frozen pizzas is that each pizza crust is one-third cauliflower.

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    That's less than half a cup of veggies per serving. Each pizza clocks in at less than 350 calories per serving. A serving in this case is one-fifth of the whole pizza. And all you need to do to prep them is pop 'em in the oven.

    Being that we're obsessed with both Oprah and pizza, we decided to try ALL OF THEM for ourselves.

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    That's four delectable flavors: Supreme, Five Cheese, Fire Roasted Veggie, and Uncured Pepperoni.


    We decided to start with the Five Cheese pizza, which was especially thicc with cheese but honestly a little bland.

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    Farrah: Immediately after I took my first bite I was like, "Yup, that is cauliflower!" It wasn't super potent, but you can tell it's there. However, I WAS impressed by how thick the crust was. Typically cauliflower pizzas are incredibly thin, but this was almost like any other frozen pizza.

    Michelle: As a lactose-sensitive person, I only allow myself to eat cheese on special occasions. That said, I was kind of disappointed by this five cheese pizza. It wasn't as pungently cheesy or even as salty as I was hoping for. Maybe a bit of extra tomato sauce would've helped bring out the flavor? Oh and pro tip: I only needed to cook my 'za for 15 minutes before it started burning, so mind the oven people!

    Pablo: This one has by far the strongest cauliflower taste, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Like me, the pizza is thicc and fluffy. If you're going to feed me cheese, there BETTER be a lot if it, and I think this pizza does a good job of it. This one was my least favorite, but still holds up, so good job, O.

    Next was the Uncured Pepperoni pizza, which was chocked full of savory flavor from the pepperoni.

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    Farrah: This was my favorite only because the pepperoni masked the cauliflower taste almost completely. The taste, texture, and flavor were pretty dang good for a frozen pizza — crispy crust, gooey cheese, and savory flavor! 10/10 would eat again.

    Michelle: Okay, so it should be noted that you can't taste the cauliflower or "healthy" flavor in these pizzas AT ALL. This tastes so much like the 3 a.m. slice I get every Saturday night that I swear Oprah made this so that millennials could safely transition into full-grown adults without changing up their weekend routine too drastically.

    Pablo: This one was my fave! The crust was nice and crunchy and I could hardly taste the cauliflower. Even though there weren't as many pepperoni pieces as my monstrous appetite craved, this actually tasted better than 75% of the frozen pizzas I've had. For the sake of being nice I won't drag them by name, but you know who you are.

    After that, we went with the Supreme pizza, which was GENEROUSLY topped with meat.

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    Farrah: I just need to admit upfront that I have never liked meat lover pizza. That being said, this one wasn't bad! I don't think it went overboard, and you still got tons of flavor from all the toppings. Did it mask the cauliflower? You bet!

    Michelle: This one was the best out of the batch. It had lots of savory, meaty flavor, and was generous with the pepps and sausages. None of that "three pepperoni slices per pie" B.S. 10/10 would eat the next morning straight out of the fridge.

    Pablo: Oprah is THE supreme, so there's no doubt she's put her magic touch into this wonderful creation. This was my second favorite, mostly because it was exactly like my fave pepperoni one with some added stuff. I'm sorry my supreme, but I can't look past the olives. This isn't the pizza's fault, just my terrible palette.

    And finally, we tried the Fire Roasted Veggie pizza and thought the crust could use a little something extra.

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    Farrah: OK, so I admitted to not loving meat lover pizza, but I *AM* a big fan of veggie pizza! The crust wasn't as crispy as the pepperoni one, but the veggies on top had a great flavor. I'm going to go ahead and say that this was my second favorite out of the four.

    Michelle: Like the other flavors, the crust in this veggie pizza was super chewy (maybe more than the other pies, actually). The veggies tasted fresh and well-cooked, and added really good texture. I usually don't feel like a meal is complete without meat, but this pie hit ALL of the spots.

    Pablo: I'm usually down for a veggie pizza (if I'm forced to be), but LOOK AT ALL THOSE OLIVES. I still ate like half the pizza 'cause I'm not a quitter, but this one was my second to last fave. You can't really taste the cauliflower here, despite it being a veggie pizza, but I give it extra points for living up to its name and having a lot of veggies on top.

    Despite all of our different tastes, we each loved at least one of these excellent flavors and would def try 'em again!

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    Would you try Oprah's line of frozen pizzas?