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15 Quinceañeras Who Didn't Exactly Have A Magical Day

It's gonna get bloody.

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Alice Mongkonglite

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their quinceañera horror stories. Here are the hilarious and disastrous results.

1. The shameless cheater:

"At my best friend’s quince in high school, she walked out to find her boyfriend making out with her best friend on the hood of his car. So that kind of put a damper on the night!”



2. The unwelcome surprise:

"My dad’s speech basically consisted of him telling all of our friends and family that I was a result of birthday sex and that I was the greatest birthday present he has ever received. So. Awkward."


3. The celebratory vomit:

"Worst thing I've ever witnessed was the quinceañera projectile vomiting down the aisle of a very fancy church after she got massively drunk before the ceremony. She was trying to reach the bathroom in the back. SMH."

—Celeste Gomez, Facebook


4. The bun in the oven:

"My mom said that she once went to a quinceañera and the girl announced to her parents in front of everyone that she was pregnant. Her parents were PISSED."

—Michelle Baez, Facebook

5. The bloody dress:

"It was at my cousin's quince. During the father-daughter dance, she got emotional. My cousin gets really bad nose bleeds when she cries, so her nose bled all over her white dress. It was literally all over her chest and hands. It was so bad that my tías were giving her tampons to put up her nose."



6. The birthday suit:

"Went to a family friend’s quince and her mom had custom ordered her dress but apparently she had requested the skirt portion to be zippered so the quince could 'transform' halfway through her formal dance into a surprise dance. They had rehearsed it over and over to get it just right, but on the day of, the zipper got stuck to the surprise skirt AND her underwear. The chambelanes pulled with too much force and ripped off the formal skirt, surprise skirt and underwear and left the quinceañera twirling butt naked on the dance floor."


7. The Titanic entrance:

"My mom picked 'My Heart Will Go On' as my entrance song and my best (guy) friend whispered "What the fuck, are you drowning?" All I could do was burst out laughing. Worst entrance ever."

—Isabel Farfan, Facebook

20th Century Fox

8. The one-of-a-kind cake:

"My quince was planned in literally two and a half months, so we had it outdoors at my uncle’s house which has a ton of space. Things were pretty great until we realized we hadn’t cut the cake just yet and it was almost 10 p.m.. When we decided to go to the cake it was FILLED with moths, mosquitos, and june bugs."


9. The life-scarring realization:

"At first I wasn’t even sure who the quinceañera was and I didn’t know anybody, so I kept going to the bathroom because their house was super big and super expensive. In one of my trips to the bathroom I discovered the quinceañera kissing who I thought was her boyfriend, but a week later I discovered it was her cousin."



10. The messy uncle:

"My tío spilled his Tecate on my white dress."


11. The scammer:

"A friend from middle school who I hadn't seen in years came to my door asking for money to help fund her quinceañera. My mom felt awkward but gave them a check. Months passed and we never got an invitation. I later learned that she didn't have one...the check had been cashed."


iambranden / Via

12. The boozy photographer:

"My photographer got so drunk that he passed out on the dance floor when he was supposed to be recording."


13. The IRL telenovela:

"Everything was going well and the event was beautiful until the girl’s mother showed up. She was already pissed and immediately made a scene, screaming at her daughter, her ex, and even guests who were strangers to her. She even got into a fist fight with the quinceañera’s old nanny, whom she thought was having an affair with her ex-husband."



14. The 911 call:

"During the church ceremony two of the escorts fainted at the same time. One fell forward and one fell back. The one that fell forward smashed his glasses and got a bad cut on his face. We had to wait for him to be taken out by an ambulance, then proceeded with the ceremony."


15. And finally, the apocalypse:

"We once went to a quinceañera at this fancy open venue that had a natural creek running through it. Forty-five minutes into the party, a monsoon-sized rain hit. About 10 minutes later, the tents started to leak and people hesitated between staying or leaving. Before everyone made up their minds, the tents gave in and they all started running towards the exits, and that’s when all hell broke loose. Sparks flew (literally) when the band’s equipment got soaked along with all the guests and servers. People were slipping and stepping on others as they ran in a panic. When we almost reached the entrance, we realized we were all trapped. It rained so much and the creek had grown in such a way that we couldn't cross it. We had to wait a couple of hours before getting rescued and a lot of cars in the parking lot were dragged or flooded.



thebigtinonetwork / Via

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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