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    17 Delivery People Who Deserve Both A Raise And A Hefty Bonus

    Their job isn't easy, so pay them well for it!

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    1. This person who made a girl's birthday that much more special:

    Ok @FedEx our driver deserves a bonus! He realized it was our daughter's birthday & went to @DairyQueen to get her ice cream cupcakes. He said "I just wanted to do this because if we weren't in this situation, she'd be celebrating with friends." I'm not crying. You're crying! 😭

    Twitter: @Mrs_ConCon1787

    2. This person who respects sanitization:

    Ordered some groceries today and the delivery driver left me some much needed Lysol wipes and a nice note. from HumansBeingBros

    3. This person who went out of their way to make a lil' skateboarder's dream come true:

    9 Year old Conner ran out to the FedEx guy asking if he could mail the board to Tony Hawk as he thought that was how it works. Instead of refusing the unmarked package, the dude reached out to the world via Tiktok and Tony actually saw the video. from HumansBeingBros

    4. This person who is one step ahead of the porch pirates:

    Delivery bro hid our parcel behind the shovel. from HumansBeingBros

    5. This person who made a pooch very happy:

    The fedex guy left a special treat for my pup on top of today’s delivery. You can hardly his tail it’s wagging so fast:) from MadeMeSmile

    6. This person who thoughtfully followed the instructions:

    I made my Amazon delivery instructions to be delivered "to a neighbor". In the comments wrote "pls don't let my mom see this, hide it in the bushes". They not only did that, but also bagged up the box to protect it. from HumansBeingBros

    7. This person who's got their priorities straight:

    You already know this Postmates Driver is getting a fat tip.

    Twitter: @cizzorz

    8. This person who had a genius idea:

    Today I got a email saying my package was delivered. So I was pretty upset when I didn’t see anything on my porch but then I say this on my door. UPS is the real MVP this Christmas. from HumansBeingBros

    9. This person who made sure the customer was as pleased as possible:

    While I am practicing social distancing, I ordered online from my local vape shop. It was raining and I don’t have weather protection over my front step. My delivery person used a Kroger bag to keep my vape dry and it was also packed very well to prevent damage. from HumansBeingBros

    10. This person who made sure a grandpa knew he was loved:

    In the delivery instructions I asked for them to tell my grandfather I love him when she dropped his food off. Thanks Uber Eats driver. from HumansBeingBros

    11. This person who hopefully got a robust tip:

    Grocery store is out of most things, so our delivery person got us frozen pizza free of charge (sorry for low quality picture) from HumansBeingBros

    12. This person who took the necessary precautions:

    FedEx driver sanitizes package for a young girl with an autoimmune disease after reading note on door from HumansBeingBros

    13. This person who did a good deed when it was needed:

    Dominos delivery guy being a bro helping a guy who was stuck in the crosswalk of a busy intersection! from HumansBeingBros

    14. This person who literally saved a family:

    UPS delivery driver stops on delivery route to put out a house on fire in Massachusetts. "I don't feel I am a hero."

    Twitter: @ABC

    15. This person who had the right idea:

    Kudos to the UPS driver who put my packages hidden here instead of by my front door where everyone can see them. Lived here for 18 years and have never had a package put here. from HumansBeingBros

    16. This person who didn't have to do this, but was kind enough to anyway:

    Amazon driver bringing our trash cans up from the street. from HumansBeingBros

    17. And finally, this person who — after seeing that an elderly resident hadn't taken in their days-old package — investigated and found the man in medical distress:

    A North Carolina UPS driver's instincts helped save the life of an elderly man who had suffered a medical emergency.

    Twitter: @KFIAM640

    The driver also took care of the resident's dog and home while he recovered in the hospital.

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