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21 Tweets That Hilariously Describe Your Mexican Mom

Her way is the only way.

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1. When she told you to stop playing your Nintendo even though it was a PS2.

"@CauseWereGamerz: So true " #MexicanMom

2. When you knew what was coming every time you fucked up.

My picture trending everywhere lol #mexicanproblems #mexicanmomsbelike

3. When she made it known that she doesn't double as your maid.

4. When she used any religious object in her disposal to keep El Diablo away.

My mom gave me this for good luck. Lol she's so cute. #mexicanmom ☺️✊


5. When she gave you her opinion whether or not you asked for it.

this is sooooo truee!! #MexicanMom

6. When she played 21 questions with you every time you tried to leave the house.

7. When she made it clear that there IS such a thing as a stupid question.

My mother ladies and gentlemen #mexicanmom

8. When she showed you what boredom really meant.


9. When she forced you to greet family members you've never even met.

It use to be like that 😂 #MexicanProblems 🇲🇽

10. And if it wasn't in person, it'd be over the phone.

Madre: mija ira tu tía me hablo de México platica con ella Me: noooo, no quiero Madre:

11. When she never let you blame others for your mistakes.

-Mamá pero a todos nos fue mal... -¡A mi no me importan los demás! #MexicanMomsQuotes

12. When la chancla was her No. 1 weapon of choice.

This is what my mom does after I do something bad #mexicanmomprobs #lachancla


13. When you heard music blasting in the morning, you knew what she was up to.

Not even gonna front, my mom & I still listen to Los Bukis when is time to clean 😂 #mexicanmomsbelike

14. When she redefined what a "mess" really meant.

"Acabo de limpiar quien hizo este pinche tiradero de trastes!"

15. When you overheard all the latest chisme going on in the family.

Gossip time!😂 #mexicanprobz

16. When she prepared enough nopales to feed you for the next three months.

*mexicanmom *cleaningoffnopales! *icantspell.


17. When she didn't let you go out as much as you would have liked.

"@MonroeVonD: #mexicanprobz " my mom straightt up!!

18. When getting hurt was somehow always your fault.

Everyone has that one mom xD #MexicanProbz #Mexicanmoms

19. When bugging her with questions was never an option.

You know your mexican if.. You got this respond when asking... #mexicanstories #MexicanProblems

20. When she warned you that death was just around the corner.

My mom & grandma #mexicanprobz

21. When she didn't care to admit when you were right.

#mexicanproblemsnight when my mom realizes I'm right but won't admit it so she just says

But when it comes down to it, you'll always love your mom no matter what.

Con la más guapa de todas 👌 #MiMadre