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    18 Perfect Responses For When Someone Texts You "K"

    There's nothing OK about a K.

    1. When you want to show 'em that you also know the alphabet:

    2. When you make that "K" a bit more special:

    3. When you are able to finish each other's sentences:

    4. When they begin talking like a Muppet:

    5. When you've just gotta tease 'em a little bit:

    6. When you have to point out the smelly elephant in the room:

    7. When you use words to encourage their use of words:

    8. When even the queen bee herself probably has more time for you:

    9. When you're obviously concerned for their safety:

    10. When you let them know where they stand:

    11. When you let a pooch do all the talking:

    12. When sometimes no text is better:

    13. When you've got to school someone:

    14. When the earrings come off:

    15. When all you want is a little communication:

    16. When you're feeling playful:

    17. When you try to be positive:

    18. And when you finally rid yourself of all negativity: