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    19 Photos That Prove Moms Are Way Funnier Than Dads

    Your dad could never.

    1. This mom who put everyone in their place:

    2. This mom who showed up with a surprise cake for her son's birthday:

    ggbuttstead / Via

    3. This mom who dressed up as her son on Halloween:

    Flintor / Via

    4. This kid who just asked their mom for a cool bookmark:

    GreenPantSuit / Via

    5. This mom whose kid complained about the cold and wanted her to write a P.E. note for them:

    Red23UK / Via

    6. This mom who technically wasn't lying:

    maidenvoyage14 / Via

    7. This mom who handed her kid the greatest birthday card to ever live:

    valerius / Via

    8. This mom who turned an accident into an opportunity:

    9. This mom who gave her kid a cash gift in which every dollar was wrapped in Tootsie Roll wrappers:

    10. This mom who just made her son a millionaire:

    11. This mom who sent her kid an Easter care package:

    meradav / Via

    12. This mom who broke a knife and then sent this photo to her kid:

    ApplyBurnHeal / Via

    13. This mom who came with piping hot tea:

    14. This mom who gifted this cup to her college-bound son and then said it was the only one he was allowed to drink alcohol from:

    15. This mom who tried to one-up her daughter:

    o_b_v_i_o_u_s_l_y / Via

    16. This group of moms who recreated their son's photo:

    satanscomedian / Via

    17. This mom who had jokes:

    18. This mom who mastered puns:

    19. And finally, this mom who probably deleted her daughter from her contacts list:

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