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    18 Moments All Bearded Men Know To Be True

    It's gonna get hairy.

    1. When you get more food on your beard than you do in your mouth.

    Our friend @gocastaway and his #BeardProblems. Happy Fourth, man. 🍦🐬🍦

    It takes some real ingenuity to eat.

    2. And then smell like your meal for the rest of the day.

    Better hope your food actually smells decent.

    3. When you realize you can build a wig from all your trimmed beard hair.

    And then hearing someone complain when you leave a few stray hairs behind.

    4. When bed head isn't the only hair problem you experience daily.

    If you have no #hairbrush #hair_brush brush your #beard with a #toothbrush #beardproblems …

    You do what you gotta do to get that combed.

    5. When you shed just about everywhere.

    Just like a molting bird.

    6. And so you must protect the rest of the world from your beard.

    It finally happened #beardproblems

    7. When Movember isn't just a month, it's your life.

    #BeardProblems #Beardsy #BeardLife #Man #Beard

    Feel blessed that you can actually grow a beard to start with.

    8. When your beard becomes a full-fledged ice pack in the winter.

    I almost look like Santa. #beardproblems

    And then a hot face coat in the summer.

    9. When other people feel obligated to tell you how much they hate it...

    #BeardSeason is in full swing... Never let a 'friend' try and stop you from doing your thing! #BeardProblems

    10. ...or love it.

    11. When you try to shave, but your razor has other plans.

    @gcoffin53 this made me think of you.. #beardproblems

    R.I.P. disposable razor #76.

    12. When you actually succeed and basically travel back in time...

    Every single time I shave #beardproblems #beardpower

    Looking at your reflection is even scarier.

    13. ...and then immediately regret it.

    It's gone. I'm feeling extra emotional now #BeardNoMore #BeardProblems

    Your beard is now dead along with all the fallen razors.

    14. When you grow it out again and must resist the never-ending itch.

    @jimmyicedcoffee majorly itchy beard still, when the hell does it lay off?? #itchybeard

    Beauty is pain.

    15. When it gets caught in just about anything it can get its hairy hands on.

    Beards are so handsy.

    16. When your shampoo use doubles because you're basically caring for two heads of hair.

    17. When you accidentally trim way too close and must pay the price.

    Guys im gonna stick with the half and half look. #Beardproblems

    One mistake can cost you a month's worth of beard.

    18. And finally, when your S.O. constantly comments on how strange/amazing it feels each time you go in for a kiss.

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