21 Parents Who Got In A Fight With Technology And Lost

    They raised us, so being tech support is the least we could do.

    1. This mom who used a magnifying glass to look at a photo on a cell phone:

    2. This dad who didn't know how to flip the camera as his daughter was getting proposed to:

    3. This mom who could only send screenshots:

    4. This dad who was terrorized by a sticker:

    5. This mom who made a mistake she wishes she could take back:

    6. This dad who was "transferring" photos in an innovative way:

    7. This dad who's no longer allowed to be the photographer:

    This will be the last time they put me in charge of taking pictures for my son's music recitals. #ParentFail

    8. This mom who used her screen protector's disposable film instead of the actual screen protector:

    9. This dad who responded to some spam mail:

    10. This mom who charged her phone in a cake pan in case it exploded:

    11. This mom who was apparently just trying to show her charger some music:

    12. This dad who, sadly, needs a new screen:

    13. This mom who got her hopes up for nothing:

    14. This mom who may or may not know what Instagram is:

    15. This mom who fell victim to autocorrect:

    Email signature from my mom. I’m just going to assume this was an autocorrect gone horribly wrong.

    16. This mom who sets reminders on her phone this way:

    17. This dad who figured out that covering something means it doesn't exist anymore:

    18. This mom who just needed some guidance:

    19. This mom who was giving her phone a workout:

    20. This mom who didn't feel like examining the entire remote:

    Status: providing expert tech support My mom: “I can’t figure out how to get on to @netflix.” Me: “Did you try clicking on this button?” 😎

    21. And finally, this dad who gave up on technology altogether and just went with regular snail mail: