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    Miley Cyrus And Emily Osment Reunited On Instagram Live After Nearly A Decade

    The best of both worlds now become one.

    Hannah Montana has been off the air for nearly a decade now, but its impact continues to live on.


    Fans were excited when stars Mitchel Musso, Emily Osment, Moises Arias, and Jason Earles reunited in 2018, but there was just one thing missing...

    ...Miss Hannah Montana herself. Or rather, Miley Cyrus. At the time, she expressed how sad she was that she had to miss this reunion.

    Miss you ! Wish I could've been with my "family" to celebrate .... love you so much

    But thanks to the power of self-isolation and Instagram Live, Miley and Emily have finally reunited publicly for the first time since the show ended!

    Emily was one of many guests on Miley's new Instagram Live talk show called Bright Minded: Live With Miley, in which she talks to celebs, friends, experts, and family, in hopes of putting a little light into the world.

    Today's episode was dedicated to animals, so the convo naturally started off with Miley and Emily introducing their dogs to one another.

    Then Miley quickly pivoted to talking about Hannah Montana by holding up old pictures from the show. The first was this timely photo of Lola sanitizing Hannah's hands.

    Emily said she couldn't remember much of what was even happening in that photo, but did remember that she wore a lot of vests at the time. Miley held the photo up real close to confirm that, yes, that was in fact a vest.

    The next photo Miley held up was this promo image in which both stars were asked to wear matching denim looks. Emily said the photo was taken during Season 1 and Miley remembered it being the first time the two actually hung out.

    Emily said, "I remember the day being much longer than anyone warned us it would be and it was like 12 costume changes and we all had to take a lot of photos like that."

    The next photo was from their first day of press. Miley said that her teeth had all decided to fall out a month before the photo was taken and her mom had to "get [her] some fake teeth."

    @mileycyrus / Jesse Grant / WireImage / Via Instagram: @

    Emily joked that she looked like she was choking Miley and Miley said, "We look like we're going to church." Emily then confirmed that she is definitely in an Ann Taylor top here.

    Jesse Grant / WireImage

    The next photo was taken when Emily and Miley were older on Hannah Montana. Miley said, "It was kind of feeling a little bit strange for me to put on a tutu and a wig." But then she went on to say that she just does that for fun now.

    The final photo (which I can't show for legal reasons) was one the pair took together alongside a puppy for Teen Vogue.

    Miley Cyrus

    Emily was shocked to learn that she appeared in Teen Vogue.

    The two then went back on track when Miley mentioned that it was actually Emily's idea to spotlight animal care during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Miley said, "It's a really great time for those in situations that are able to provide. It's a good time to adopt or foster — but it's really important to talk about financial responsibility and the strain a pet can cause on a family during this financially challenging time."

    She went on to say, "And so a lot of pets are going to be surrendered — they're going to end up in shelters. So they're gonna go from being in homes to going to unknown places, so it's just a crucial time to step up for dogs."

    Miley talked about why reuniting with Emily went deeper than it looked by saying, "The best way to draw attention to man's best friend is to bring in the best friend duo that always encouraged people to do what's best and do what's right."


    And then she wrapped up the animal convo by saying that people should only adopt or foster a dog if they are emotionally and financially ready to do so. This way, fewer dogs are abandoned in the coming weeks, and people who have the means to but aren't ready for the responsibility can consider donating to animal foundations instead.

    Emily later mentioned her band's Insta (yes, she's in a band now) and her dog Joe. The band is called Bluebiird, which is Emily's musical alias.

    And Miley ended the stream by telling Emily, "I just wanted to say thank you so much. Your music is badass, thank you for what you do with animals, thanks for bringing up the idea to make sure we highlight animal care at this time, and you are the best."

    Let's just hope we get this reunion in person once the world allows them to.


    Watch the full Emily and Miley reunion here. And if you'd like, please consider donating to the Best Friends Animal Society and the ASPCA. Or, like Miley said, if you know you can responsibly care for a pet, consider fostering or adopting one. You can find one on Petfinder, Adopt a Pet, or at your local shelter.

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