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19 Unsettling Mickey Mouse Photos That Will Give You The Creeps

Good luck sleeping tonight.

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1. I'm sure this kid is shitting in his pants.

2. Vintage Disneyland was actually the scariest place on Earth.

3. This poor little girl is clearly masking her fear with a smile.

4. Look for this Mickey to star in the next installment of Saw.

6. *Sets out the mouse traps*

7. Uh, he looks like he's getting a little too handsy.

8. Girl, that's not Mickey who's grabbing your waist.

9. He'll sneak up on even the most innocent bystanders.

10. Clearly this kid can't get away from him quick enough.

11. While this poor girl looks confused as to who's hand she's actually holding.

12. Yikes! With a head like that, he could easily devour you.

13. This Mickey is definitely trying to devour your soul with those eyes.

14. While this Mickey looks like he likes to party hard.

15. He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake.

16. The fact that he's not wearing gloves just means he can grab you much easier.

17. The eyebrows on this Mickey are a warning to us all.

18. Mickey's squad feeds off the tears of children.

19. This Mickey is clearly thirstin' for some BLOOD.