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Guys, Help, I Can't Stop Thinking About Michael B. Jordan

Killmonger could be my king any day.

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If you experienced Black Panther this weekend, you also experienced the human masterpiece that is Michael B. Jordan.

Marvel Studios

We've always known he's a a snack and a half, but Killmonger just reignited that deep, DEEP hunger.

Matt Kennedy / Marvel Studios

For one, he’s not afraid to show his best ab-sets. Let's examine the evidence.

michaelbjordan / Via

I mean, wouldn't you want to ride this slip and slide?

Men's Fitness / Via

Only he could make the dreaded low-angle selfie look this good.


And make you wanna actually lick your phone.

michaelbjordan / Via

We can only dream of being Lupita Nyong'o's hand in this moment.

I mean, look at the beautiful view! (And I guess the ocean is pretty, too.)

michaelbjordan / Via

If being hot was an Olympic sport, he'd obviously be a gold medalist.

Men's Fitness / Via

Hell, just give him ALL the gold medals in everything.

Warner Bros.

That smile could bring world peace.

theoffcamerashow / Via

And make any cloudy day feel a little less gray.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Beyond looks, he loves his family as much as we love him! Here he is with his beautiful sister.

michaelbjordan / Via

Oh, and he really likes puppies, too.

GQ / Via

And ironing. Yes, ironing.

TheEllenShow / Via

And from the looks of it, he's really putting that iron to use with every single killer look he serves.

michaelbjordan / Via

Someone call the doctor because these pics just gave me third-degree burns.

Marvel Studios

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