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    17 Moms Who Are Crushing This Whole Parenting Thing

    Protect them at all costs.

    1. This mom who thought the comb was personalized:

    2. This mom who buys gifts that are both fashionable and functional:

    3. This mom who found a second life for a grocery bag:

    Had my mom babysit for like 30 mins & didn't fix Jamie's hair but my moms Mexican & can figure anything out! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    4. This mom who wasn't taking any chances:

    5. This mom who jokingly made a Coach bag on a budget:

    6. This mom who wasn't messing around:

    7. This mom who sent her son the greatest care package:

    8. This mom who might as well have gone to med school:

    9. This mom who knows expiration dates are for the weak:

    10. This mom who tried her best:

    11. This mom who refused to let germs win:

    12. This mom who got her money's worth:

    13. These seven moms who put their powers together for the greater good:

    14. This mom who didn't have the time:

    15. This mom who had the right solution:

    16. This mom who got crafty:

    17. And finally, this mom who saw an opportunity and took it (literally):