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19 Mexican Moms Who Didn't Want A Dog And Came Around Quickly

There's no resisting a puppy's love.

1. This mom who didn't want her child to feel left out:

2. This mom who bought a small piñata for her dog:

My mom: I don’t want any dogs Also my mom:

3. This mom who made sure her bestie was nice and snug:

“No quiero perros en esta casa”... well look at her now

"I don't want dogs in this house."

4. This mom who made a smart purchase:

Mom: YA NO QUIERO PERROS! *2 weeks later* gets salt shaker of my dog lmfao

"I don't want any more dogs."

5. This mom who would do anything for her pup's wellness:

Mom: “No quiero perro en esta casa.” Also my mom: “Tenia tos el perro en la noche ponle el humidifier con eucalipto “

"The dog had a cough last night, put the humidifier with eucalyptus on for them."

6. This mom who lulled her baby to sleep:

I find it funny how my mom said “yo no quiero perros en esta casa!!” but now... she’s singing LULLABIES to make him go to sleep!! 😂😭

"I don't want dogs in this house."

7. This mom who just wanted an update:


"My mom before: I don't want fucking dirty dogs in my house!

Texts: Is the dog asleep already?

Yes, she already went with Maylin and went to sleep."

8. This mom whose cell phone is probably filled with dog photos:

My mom: ya no quiero perros Also my mom:

"I don't want any more dogs."

9. This mom who's probably bought more clothes for her pup than she has for herself:

10. This mom who found a dancing/cuddle buddy:

Mom: no quiero perros en la casa

"I don't want any dogs in the house."

11. This mom who takes her baby on every adventure with her:

“Yo no quiero perro, no lo voy a cuidar, no lo voy a sacar a pasear, lo van a cuidar ustedes” Yet here my mom is, treating Apollo like a baby and loving her more than me 🥺😂

"I don't want a dog. I won't take care of him. I won't take him out to walk. You're going to take care of him."

12. This mom who couldn't help but gush over her grandpuppy:

Mexican moms: I don’t want any dogs here, they are nasty! Mexican moms when you bring the dog over: 😂😂

13. This mom who treats her dog as if they're her favorite child:

When Mexican moms swear they don’t like dogs...🤣

14. This mom who took her furry son along with her:

“no quiero ese perro serca de mi esta mugroso blah blah blah” Shoutout mom for being great and being an awesome mom to me, my brothers, and her furry son that she loves to death. Even though she won’t admit it. #mom

"I don't want that dog near me, he's dirty."

15. This mom who was reunited with her one and only:

My mom 3 years ago: En esta casa no quiero perros My mom now:

"In this house I don't want any dogs."

16. This mom who was obsessed one second in:

My mom: No quiero perros en esta casa. My mom the first day I brought blue home:

"I don't want dogs in this house."

17. This mom who showed her dog some love:

when my brother brought athena home as a tiny lil pup, my mom was pissed and said “ya no quiero más perros en esta casa” and look at her now lmaooooo

"I don't want any more dogs in this house."

18. This mom who got crafty:

Mexican Moms: No quiero un perro en esta casa!! Also my mom: *makes a hat and scarf for my brother’s dog*

"I don't want dogs in this house!!"

19. And finally, this mom who held her buddy close:

my mom: I don’t like dogs my mom once we got a dog:

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