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17 Mexican Dads Who Totally Lied About Not Wanting A Dog

"No quiero perros en la casa" is the biggest lie ever told.

1. This dad who's now willing to share his chair:


2. This dad who brings his BFF along with him for everything:

Mexican dads: I don’t want a dog I won’t take care of it! My dad: ..my dog is such a hard worker 😂

3. This dad who had some quality TV time with his pup:

Every Mexican Dad: No dog will ever be allowed into my home! Also every Mexican dad:

4. This dad who had his dog in mind when traveling:

dad: no quiero perros en la casa also dad: i brought him a hat from mexico

"I don't want dogs in the house."

5. This dad who found a good way to get a jog in:

My Mexican dad 6 months after him not wanting a dog in the house.

6. This dad who taught his dog some new tricks:

Typical Mexican dad that doesn’t want anymore dogs but yet practices tricks with them everyday 😂❤️

7. This dad who made a festive graphic for his dog:

8. This dad who found a dance partner:

Mi papá hace unos años: -"¡Perros en la casa no! " Mi papá hoy:

"My dad two years ago: No dogs in the house!

My dad today:"

9. This dad who got real cozy with his lil' friend:

—¡No quiero perros en esta casa! *2 meses después

10. This dad who brought his two kids to the dinner table:

Mexican dads be like. “No quiero perros en la casa y menos en la cocina “ 1 month later: ❤️🐕

"I don't want dogs in the house and even less in the kitchen."

11. This dad who let his dog get all their kisses in:

My dad: no va haber perros en mi casa! My dad two weeks later:

"There won't be dogs in my house!"

12. This dad who had a photo sesh with his two best dogs:

Mexican dad: no quiero esos pinches perros en mi casa Mexican dad:

"I don't want those fucking dogs in my house."

13. This dad who found a cuddle buddy:

“Yo no quiero perros en la casa” My dad after we bring the dog home:

"I don't want dogs in the house."

14. This dad who took his dog for a ride:

My dad: No quiero perros Also my dad:

"I don't want dogs."

15. This dad who literally built his best bud an apartment nicer than my own:

16. This dad who found a friend to watch Flash with:

17. And finally, this dad who knew exactly what his dog deserved:

Mi papá: no quiero perros en esta casa Also mi papá:

"My dad: I don't want dogs in the house.

Also my dad:"

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