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    17 Men Who Need To Delete Their LinkedIn Profiles Immediately

    Tinder exists ya know.

    1. Hi men, it's me, your fellow man.

    2. LinkedIn describes itself as a professional networking site, so please tell me, what's so professional about the message below?

    3. Some of y'all are doing TOO DAMN MUCH on that site.

    4. You do know Tinder exists, right? And Hinge. And Bumble. Although, this message still wouldn't fly there either.

    5. Like you really, REALLY don't need to do this.

    6. People are out here just trying to land themselves a job and y'all are out here commenting on their photos instead.

    7. I'm by no means a LinkedIn representative, but it bears repeating: LinkedIn. Is. Not. A. Dating. Site.

    8. Sure, you could argue, "Well it's all about connecting with someone."


    10. It just comes off as creepy, my dude.

    11. Now, if you somehow met your S.O. on the site, then good for you.

    12. But people aren't listing their job experience and then looking for unsolicited flirting. There is a time and place, Daniel.

    13. Use your time and energy doing something more productive, like learning how to have a normal conversation.

    14. This post comes to no surprise to the countless people who receive these messages ALL the time via text, dating app, LinkedIn, and carrier pigeon.

    15. But if you're guilty of using "mmmm" as a subject line for anything, you need to throw your phone in a river.

    16. Leave Karen alone already.

    17. Along with the rest of people just minding their business, thanks!!

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