21 Marriage Memes That Are 100% True And 100% Funny

    "Can you take a photo of our toilet seat?"

    1. When you start the marriage off with a bit of suspense:

    2. When you put a twist on your promises:

    3. When your relationship is built on memes:

    4. When "dirty talk" takes on a whole new meaning:

    5. When one of you masters the art of sleeping like this:

    6. When you try and keep the spark alive:

    7. When you whip up a fabulous meal for the both of you:

    8. When one look says it all:

    9. When boundaries are crossed:

    10. When you need to be reminded of their love every now and again:

    11. When you realize how much has changed since you first started dating:

    12. When you love dishing all the gossip to one another:

    13. When you discover something new about your partner:

    14. When your suspicions run high:

    15. When you both suddenly become indecisive:

    16. When you have the perfect comeback during an argument:

    17. When your jokes backfire:

    18. When you're just trying your very best:

    19. When you look past the gross things about each other:

    20. When you lovingly annoy your partner to no end:

    21. And finally, when there's no one you'd rather be with: