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27 Maluma Thirst Traps From 2018 That Deserve Every Bit Of Our Attention

"Shirts are overrated." — Maluma, probably

This is Maluma. He's a Colombian singer, songwriter, and husband to us all.

Aside from being a great musician, our man is known for his iconic thirst traps on Insta, so as a favor to you (and myself) here are the many ways he's blessed us for the past 12 months:

1. When he looked more like a meal than the meal in front of him:

2. When his eyes looked like they were inviting us to his bed:

3. When he too wondered how someone could be this sexy:

4. When he looked like a museum piece:

5. When he ran straight into our hearts:

6. When he invented fashion:

7. When he wore the hell out of that tank:

8. When he captioned this pic "Vitamin D" for obvious reasons:

9. When he knew the only way to have breakfast is in your underwear:

10. When he showed his love for Argentina:

11. When the beautiful scenic backdrop suddenly mattered less:

12. When he somehow still looked into your soul despite wearing sunglasses:

13. When he showed us the importance of dental hygiene:

14. When he was one with himself:

15. When he admitted to not showering but somehow still looked this cute:

16. When he became Captain Zaddy:

17. When he invented glasses:

18. When we all wished we were his left hand:

19. When he was deep, DEEP in thought:

20. When he took a better Huji than any of us ever could:

21. When he somehow still looked hot while working out:

22. When he told us to fuck off and we collectively took it as a compliment:

23. When he was sick of us calling him every .002 seconds just to hear his voice:

24. When he mastered the art of the peek-a-boo:

25. When he looked so good we all knew we were done for:

26. When his dog was luckier than you:

27. And finally, when he offered us some wine to help with our thirst:

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2019, thirst king!