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    19 London Tipton Scenes From "Suite Life" That Will Never Not Be Funny

    All hail the PRNDL queen.

    1. When she showed her environmentalism:

    2. When she thought she had fallen overboard:

    3. When she made up a class:

    4. When she flawlessly competed in a beauty pageant:

    5. When she was learning how to drive and gave us this iconic line:

    6. When she worked, for once:

    7. When she proved Winnie the Pooh is very real:

    8. When she redefined astrology:

    9. When she was shady to the "Mona Lisa":

    10. When she became the meteorologist aboard the ship:

    11. When she knew her limits:

    12. When she had to take on a new fake job:

    13. When she proved just how rich she is:

    14. When she became rich again after a slight downfall:

    15. When she asked a genuine question:

    16. When she gave a mugger the truth:

    17. When she met Jesse McCartney:

    18. When she told the best joke known to humankind:

    19. And finally, when she knew what she liked: