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    17 Photos That Prove Cats Go By Their Own Scientific Rules

    Cats defy all logic.

    1. By definition, a liquid is, "a fluid that has no independent shape, but has a definite volume and does not expand indefinitely, and that is only slightly compressible."

    2. Think that doesn't sound just like a cat? Well, let's look at the evidence.

    3. For one, some may argue that cats have an "independent shape" and are therefore not liquids. To that I say, why are you even here? Also, you're wrong.

    4. Cats are obviously shape-shifters and supernatural in the way that they move, so they pass the "no shape" test in my eyes.

    5. As far as definite volume goes, a cat has an unchanging volume, no matter how small or long they make themselves.

    6. AKA, still a liquid.

    7. Now, do cats expand indefinitely? NOPE.

    8. Would be cool if they did though!

    9. Therefore, still a fluffy and unpredictable liquid.

    10. Now I don't exactly know what "slightly compressible" means 'cause I got a C in chemistry, but I'm just gonna say these two babies are slightly compressed.

    11. Which is to say, cats are totally a liquid.

    12. Science can't explain why this liquid is so damn cute.

    cats are liquid confirmed Awesome kittens 📷😻

    13. But it just is!

    14. So go hug your lil' liquid loaf if you've got one.

    15. Or go out and adopt one so you too can have a mess like this on your floor.

    16. Haters might say water is the most important liquid on this planet.

    17. But whoever said that has clearly never met a cat.