17 Times Lin-Manuel Miranda Crushed This Whole Celebrity Thing

    I wish someone loved me as much as Lin-Manuel loves The Little Mermaid.

    1. When he met the legendary Walter Mercado and stanned as hard as we all would:

    You guys don’t understand... I met @waltermercadotv today & gave me a 🇵🇷cape. That’s it, we’re done here, there’s nothing left to be said, my Abuelas in Heaven are SHAKING CONSTELLATIONS somewhere

    2. When he, a city kid, was forced to go to summer camp and sent this letter to his parents:

    And then this letter:

    3. When he and his wife did an adorable fist bump when he won a Tony for Hamilton:

    4. And when he proceeded to give a beautiful and memorable speech in the form of a sonnet:

    5. When he revealed his love for The Good Place's very hot Manny Jacinto:

    Manny Jacinto is so handsome that when his pic popped up in this link I murmured “that can’t be right” out loud https://t.co/JbGIklJ2RD

    6. And then later regretted not seeing this beautiful face in person:

    Oh hey perfect face why didn’t I go to the globes again I forget everything

    7. When he tried a new ~look~ and was met with critiques from his son:

    Sebastian: Daddy your hair looks like a mop. Me:

    8. When he was asked by Google if he's nice:

    9. When his love of video games came in handy:

    10. When he looked at pasteles with the same eager eyes we all do:

    11. When he freestyled on Ellen:

    12. When he lip synced to "Mr. Brightside" and REALLY got into it:

    Facebook: video.php

    13. When he lost something near and dear to his heart:

    14. When he professed his love for The Little Mermaid:

    The love for that film runs deep:

    In other news, I learned that I know all the words to The Little Mermaid. Not all the words to the songs. to the WHOLE MOVIE. #SNARFBLATT

    Like, really deep:

    But.. little mermaid... *trudges off* https://t.co/Wa8KQzT3V4

    I'm not kidding, I could go on for days:

    Watching The Little Mermaid in 🇵🇷with Sebastian while coffee brews is a pretty dope start to 2019

    15. When he created a Kirby after our own hearts:

    Claw machine talent, stress snacking https://t.co/DelluHqJG9

    16. When he raised money for, lifted, and continues to lift the people of Puerto Rico:

    .@Lin_Manuel releasing song for Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts https://t.co/7NrWmM9yZy

    17. And finally, when he gave the world some very welcome words of encouragement:

    Gmorning. A fervent hope that you get every moment you need today: a moment of rest, a moment of grace, a moment of epiphany, a moment to plan, a moment entirely yours and no one else’s.