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    Updated on Apr 2, 2019. Posted on Jan 16, 2019

    17 Times Lin-Manuel Miranda Crushed This Whole Celebrity Thing

    I wish someone loved me as much as Lin-Manuel loves The Little Mermaid.

    1. When he met the legendary Walter Mercado and stanned as hard as we all would:

    You guys don’t understand... I met @waltermercadotv today & gave me a 🇵🇷cape. That’s it, we’re done here, there’s nothing left to be said, my Abuelas in Heaven are SHAKING CONSTELLATIONS somewhere

    2. When he, a city kid, was forced to go to summer camp and sent this letter to his parents:


    "Dear Mom and Dad, Please come take me back to New York, away from this hell hole. The electricity is malfunctioning, the septic tank is rupturing, the insect repellant isn't working..."

    And then this letter:


    "Dear family, Hi! Remember me? I'm the kid you ditched in the woods for a month! You know how we hardly ever go to mass? Well, I go every Sunday! Here's a picture to remind you of me."

    3. When he and his wife did an adorable fist bump when he won a Tony for Hamilton:


    4. And when he proceeded to give a beautiful and memorable speech in the form of a sonnet:


    5. When he revealed his love for The Good Place's very hot Manny Jacinto:

    Manny Jacinto is so handsome that when his pic popped up in this link I murmured “that can’t be right” out loud

    6. And then later regretted not seeing this beautiful face in person:

    Oh hey perfect face why didn’t I go to the globes again I forget everything

    7. When he tried a new ~look~ and was met with critiques from his son:

    Sebastian: Daddy your hair looks like a mop. Me:

    8. When he was asked by Google if he's nice:


    9. When his love of video games came in handy:


    10. When he looked at pasteles with the same eager eyes we all do:

    11. When he freestyled on Ellen:

    Warner Bros.

    12. When he lip synced to "Mr. Brightside" and REALLY got into it:

    Facebook: video.php

    13. When he lost something near and dear to his heart:

    The Hollywood Reporter

    14. When he professed his love for The Little Mermaid:


    The love for that film runs deep:

    In other news, I learned that I know all the words to The Little Mermaid. Not all the words to the songs. to the WHOLE MOVIE. #SNARFBLATT

    Like, really deep:

    But.. little mermaid... *trudges off*

    I'm not kidding, I could go on for days:

    Watching The Little Mermaid in 🇵🇷with Sebastian while coffee brews is a pretty dope start to 2019

    15. When he created a Kirby after our own hearts:

    Claw machine talent, stress snacking

    16. When he raised money for, lifted, and continues to lift the people of Puerto Rico:

    .@Lin_Manuel releasing song for Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts

    17. And finally, when he gave the world some very welcome words of encouragement:

    Gmorning. A fervent hope that you get every moment you need today: a moment of rest, a moment of grace, a moment of epiphany, a moment to plan, a moment entirely yours and no one else’s.

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