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    17 Librarians Who Deserve A 1000% Raise

    Behind every good library is an even better librarian.

    1. This librarian who dresses up as a book reaper every year to collect overdue books:

    2. This person who really made the most out of the 2017 Oscar's blunder:

    3. These librarians who are funnier than I'll ever be:

    4. This librarian who often wears this perfectly placed panda hat:

    5. This librarian and their clever idea:

    6. This hilarious librarian who's got a joke or two up their sleeve:

    7. This librarian who created a dating profile for their books:

    8. This librarian who will never get around to finishing this display:

    9. This prankster:

    10. This Halloween lover:

    11. This librarian who's building up the suspense:

    12. This magically organized person:

    13. This librarian's convincing argument:

    14. This librarian who's taken their profession to a whole new level:

    15. This crafty librarian who's mastered the art of the pun:

    16. This librarian who's just trying to live in peace:

    17. And finally, this group of librarians who deserve their own E! reality show: