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    21 Funny Libra Memes That Will Make You Say, "OMG Me"

    Indecision? Heard of her.

    1. On apologies:

    2. On relationships:

    3. On planning:

    4. On our superiority:

    5. On drama:

    6. On risk-taking:

    7. On making decisions:

    8. On changing your mind:

    9. On hosting anything:

    Exclusive footage of a Libra fighting existential dread by throwing a party

    10. On being yelled at:

    11. On carrying all this weight on your shoulders:

    12. On ignoring signs:

    13. On internalizing everything:

    14. On boredom:

    15. On our multi-faceted personalities:

    16. On being a friend:

    17. On solidifying the relationship:

    Libra during the "what are we" talk

    18. On people hating you:

    19. On absorbing other people's problems:

    20. On gossip:

    21. And finally, on severing ties: