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21 Important Lessons "The Simple Life" Taught You About Friendship

Because Paris and Nicole were the most iconic BFFs.

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1. Honesty will transform your good friendships into great ones.

2. Debauchery is best done when you've got someone by your side.

3. Always have a friend with you when you need to make a quick getaway.

4. You should encourage each other to do things outside your comfort zones.

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5. It's important that you show your friends just how much you truly love them.

6. Rely on them to answer any important questions you may have.

7. Like really, REALLY important ones.

8. You should always give a helping hand to a friend in need...

9. ...even if it means using your real hand.

10. You should never exclude a friend from having a good time.

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11. You can bond with each other by discussing common interests.

12. You should never be afraid to correct each other when necessary.

13. Always guide your friends down the right path in life.

14. Apologize when you realize you've done something wrong.

15. Never judge your friends for any of their interests.

16. Always go on wild adventures when you're together.

17. It's important that you sympathize with a friend who's going though a rough time.

18. Spread the love by complimenting your bestie when they need it most.

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19. Listen closely to their advice and apply it to your life.

20. Never let anyone stand in the way between you and your friends.

21. There may come a time when your friendship will be tested...

...but at the end of the day, you'll always love the friends that truly matter.

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