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    Updated on Oct 2, 2019. Posted on Jun 1, 2019

    17 People Who Are 100% Lazy And 101% Secret Genius

    Don't underestimate the ingenuity that comes with being lazy.

    1. This person who tied a string to their trash cans so they don't have to walk downstairs:

    u/swagondemhoes / Via

    2. This person who rode on the festive coattails of their neighbor:

    3. And these people who were too lazy to take their Christmas tree down, so they transformed it into a holiday tree:

    u/captain-hella-rad / Via

    4. This person who wrote the most accurate fortune I've ever seen:

    u/LolaInSlacks88 / Via

    5. This person who named these three roads:

    u/laiwzhu / Via

    "This St.; That St.; The Other St"

    6. This person who got out of doing his chores:

    If you're feeling lazy just know that my mom just asked my brother to vacuum his room, but he youtubed a vacuum sound & laid in bed instead

    7. This person who skyped their pot of water to check if it was boiling:

    u/itoa5t / Via

    8. This dad who got his son a gift card:

    u/notthestig / Via

    9. This person who invented an entirely new day of the week:

    u/joseplatano / Via

    10. And this person who used FaceTime for its intended purpose:

    FaceTiming my oven so I can see when my garlic bread is done.

    11. This person who got the dog in on her dirty work:

    12. This person who took Jack-o'-lanterns to the next level:

    u/CHEMicallyIMBA / Via

    13. This person who connected a string to their light switch so they can turn it off from bed:

    u/Shuau_21 / Via

    14. This person who opted to create a bowl out of a paper plate instead of washing a dish:

    macj97 / Via

    15. This person who cleaned the floor by skating around on two baby wipes:

    u/scarymum / Via

    16. This person who — instead of getting up to throw away the empty toilet paper roll — stuffed the old ones into the new one:

    u/Dylsta23 / Via

    17. And finally, this guy who found a way to watch the concert without putting all that unnecessary effort that goes into standing up:

    u/dutchy4233 / Via

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