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    19 People Who Are Competing For "The Laziest Genius" Award

    Edison could never.

    1. This mom who put the family dog to work:

    2. This festive person who can't be bothered with traditional Christmas decorations:

    jigitz / Via

    3. This person who couldn't miss their show:

    4. This guy who figured out a way to hack standing:

    dutchy4233 / Via

    5. This person who literally invented a new day of the week:

    joseplatano / Via

    6. This genius who basically reinvented the wheel:

    Barkboy63 / Via

    7. This person who didn't need to spend money on an earpiece:

    hiddenvalley / Via

    8. This person who realized a chair box is equally as effective as a chair:

    hiddenvalley / Via

    9. This person who is taking everyone's math skills to the next level:

    UnpluggedMind / Via

    10. This person who put a lot of love into this gift card for his son:

    notthestig / Via

    11. This dad who's mastered parenting from the comfort of his couch:

    12. This person who's hired their cat to turn off their lights:

    CresidentBob / Via

    13. This innovative person who's just saved themselves SO much time:

    IfItBleedsWeCanKillItAgain / Via

    14. This person who goes against the rules of a traditional house:

    pablo1669 / Via

    15. This guy who managed to create a pulley system for his bedroom lights:

    16. This smart snacker who found a new use for an ice cub tray:

    17. This Halloween lover who created the cutest pumpkin of them all:

    LisaShuBop / Via

    18. This hero who knows how to take out the trash in style:

    mepejuma / Via

    19. And finally, this person who gave this park an appropriate name: