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    Laurie Hernandez's Opening Throw For The Mets Was Pitch-Perfect

    It'll make you flip!

    By now, we all know about Laurie Hernandez. She's a gymnast, Olympic gold medalist, and a bona fide badass!

    Thomas Coex / Getty Images

    When's she's not busy meeting Beyoncé or getting ready for Dancing With the Stars....

    …she’s throwing ceremonial first pitches the only way she knows how: in classic Laurie Hernandez fashion.

    This flawless flip took place on Sept. 3 at a Mets vs. Nationals game. Let's take a closer look at it!

    Mets / Via


    Mets / Via


    Mets / Via


    Mets / Via


    Mets / Via

    Your faves could never. 💅🏽

    mets / Via

    Keep slaying 'em, Laurie!

    Rich Schultz / Getty Images

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