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    May 31, 2019

    17 Grad Caps By Latinos In The Class Of 2019 That Are Honestly Perfect

    "Carrying the heartbeat of the motherland."

    1. This grad who had a very valid question:

    mjvillasenor11 / Via

    "Now what?"

    2. This grad who paid homage to her parents house in the campo:

    My cap pays homage to where my parents came from- a small house in the campo. Without their bravery and sacrifices I would not be here today: a first generation college grad with 2 Bachelors, a Masters and a Sixth Years and witch a career job waiting for me at the age of 25.

    3. This grad who got through it because of her immigrant mother:

    kbeautifulmind__ / Via

    4. This grad who paid tribute to her Guatemalan roots by asking that her cap look embroidered:

    5. This grad who gave her ancestors a shoutout:

    6. This grad who paid tribute to her beautiful mother:

    my high school cap in 2016, & now my Bachelor’s cap in 2019. I won’t be able to go visit you before graduation this year, but I know that you’re always here with me. you were my reason to never give up. I did this all for you, Mom.. ❤️ your babydoll did it.

    7. This grad who crossed that stage alongside La Virgen de Guadalupe:

    8. This grad who wants to stay grounded:

    9. This grad who is reaching beyond the stars:

    Twitter: @__catalinab

    "I'm the type of woman who — if I want the moon — I will bring it down myself."

    10. This grad who made it a point to write her parent's names on her cap:

    koraimaa_07 / Via

    "For my parents who came with nothing and gave me everything."

    11. This grad who is proud of their Peruvian roots:

    12. This grad who refuses to be buried:

    Twitter: @neplantera

    "They wanted to bury us, but they didn't know that we were seeds,"

    13. This grad who's got the Mexican spirit flowing within them:

    karifranco / Via

    14. This grad who's got their priorities in order:

    s.vida.s.risa / Via

    "God bless my parents and reggaeton too."

    15. This grad who was inspired by Jenni Rivera's song, "Mariposa de Barrio":

    eluna77 / Via

    "I came from very far, but in the end I triumphed. I lived through the changes and Bucknell dragged me, but my wings lifted me up. Butterfly from the hood."

    16. This grad who paid homage to her grandfather:

    17. This grad who was inspired by something her mom always told her when she got in trouble:

    kimscustomcaps / Via

    "Look Aurora, don't give me your bullshit."

    18. This grad who set a reminder for themselves:

    Twitter: @marquzmaria

    "Never forget your roots."

    19. This grad who showed off this iconic line from the Selena movie:

    20. This grad with a very important message:

    Twitter: @kaylaazua

    "Never underestimate the power of a woman."

    21. And finally, this grad who made use of an accurate meme:

    augie409 / Via

    "Shit, that's tough."

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