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Here Are 15 Things Latinos Had To Say During The Pride Marches

"We will never be silent."

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As you may know, June is pride month. Over the weekend, tens of thousands of people forwent the usual pride parade and instead marched in a display of resistance towards the current administration.

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

From Los Angeles to DC, LGBT Latinos and their allies took to the streets to make their voices heard. Here’s what they had to say:


Instagram: @tcluderay

"I may be Mexican but my dreams won't be trumped"


Instagram: @saintacoira

"Trump: the only dick I cannot handle"


"Tapendejo / Salsa Racista / Hate Sauce"
julissaarce / Via

"Tapendejo / Salsa Racista / Hate Sauce"


Instagram: @mariquanza

"Buy-Pan" AKA "Bisexual / Pansexual"

8. / Via

"Keep your fascist hands off my Poussey"


Instagram: @ronelizondo

"Immigrants make America great"


Instagram: @zamoravisuals

"Estoy construyendo un estado de igualdad" / "I am constructing a state of equality"


Instagram: @mytangentplane

"inclusion, diversity, and love. Make America great."


Instagram: @coffee

"You're not born with hate, you learn it"


Instagram: @bytis

"Defend equality! Love trumps hate."

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