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22 Latina Mom Texts That Just Make Sense

I will only be referring to KFC as "Ketakei Krai Chiken" from now on.

1. This mom who thought the witches were after them, which is fair TBH:

Accidentally ran over a chicken at my parents house. The chicken ended up being fine but this text from my mom had me dying. #mexicanmom #thingsmexicanparentssay #Mexican

Twitter: @fafafoobie

2. This mom who conducted a whole interview:

You know you're Mexican when your mom texts you like this

Twitter: @OhwowValerie_

"Is it late where you are?

Who's bringing you?

Be careful! Don't do anything stupid that will affect the rest of your life later."

3. This mom who definitely lied about not liking dogs:

My mom is a typical Hispanic mom that hates dogs. But COME SEE HER TREAT MY BABY LIKE A WHOLE CHILD.

Twitter: @StanleyEliezer

4. This mom who said, "I determine what time it is":

Twitter: @rickrod156

"Please be careful. And don't be late."

"Of course."

"It's already going to be 1 a.m."

5. This mom who didn't know who Snoop was:

The stereotype of Mexican moms always asking “quien es” when you show them a meme or something from the internet is so real it hurts

Twitter: @luisss_martinez

"WOW!!! I can't believe it. Snoop Dogg answered my call!!"

"I wonder who that is."

6. This mom who should just write it like she had it before:

Twitter: @HenryGarcia_S

"How do you write 'squisme' in English?"

7. This mom who gave her kid a free Spanish lesson:

Never teach your mexican mom how to text

Twitter: @xchuyx3

"Jesus, today is [redacted] birthday."

"OK, I'll send them my well wishes right now."

"Jesus 'felicidades' is with a 'c." Not with 'z.' And 'ahorita' has only one 'r,' OK?"

8. This mom who overreacted just the tiniest amount:

I think my mom wins most dramatic hispanic mom. 😂😂 She text me this because I took 30 mins to call her back 💀

Twitter: @Pearll_Xo

"Let's see if you have a mother tomorrow because this one is already dying."

9. This mom who took "ponte un suéter" into her own hands:

You know you're Hispanic when your mom hits you with this text 😂👌🏼

Twitter: @isamaru_

"I bought you this jacket to keep yourself warm, damn it, and don't tell me you don't like it because it's North Face, and it covers well."

10. This mom who said there's no excuse to miss Mass:

Nothing like a Mother’s love, especially my momma. Always keepin me in line, Mother knows best... #MexicanMomText

Twitter: @mariolopezviva

11. This mom who got her message across despite a spelling hiccup:

When your mom is Mexican af and try's to text KFC💀💀😂😂😂

Twitter: @rosecxisela

"Do you all want chicken from 'Kentakei Krai Chiken.'"

12. This mom who found a Facebook meme that she just HAD to send:

Why every Mexican mom send they kids these pics off facebook lmao 😂

Twitter: @filinmyselff

"My biggest wish in life is that my kids are happy and that God blesses them always!"

13. This mom who made sure her child wasn't ruining their pot:

You know your mom is Mexican when you send her picture of the food you made & all she says is this 😂

Twitter: @eveupursleeve

"Don't scrape the pot with that spoon."

14. This mom who wants you to know she's still alive and well:

When you don’t speak to your Dominican mom for 1 day

Twitter: @MRCRUZX1

"Hi papi, how are you? I'm good, thanks to God."

15. And this mom who got ahead of the game:

Twitter: @gorillagluelovr

16. This mom who needed instructions:

A Mexican Mom’s Valentine’s Day message: 😂🥰❣️

Twitter: @__natzilla

"How do I put hearts?"

17. This mom who had a cute dog butt pic on hand:

when i make a snide comment to my mom she says "well this is what i think of you" and texts me a pic of my dog's butt

Twitter: @bi_salvi

18. This mom who couldn't make up her mind:

this is what it's like when your latina mom tries to text im so done

Twitter: @CatScrivner

19. This mom who misunderstood what "I'm weak" meant:

my mother texted me the below thinking that I was feeling ill and immediately proceeded to ask me for my address so she can send me bottles of Vitamin C & B12 with some Vicks Vaporub 🤦🏻‍♂️ pure latina mom energy

Twitter: @charles_bmc

20. This mom who came through when she was needed most:

told my mom i wanted to make cuban bread but didn’t have lard and received this text this morning, god bless

Twitter: @alisousa4

21. This mom who wanted the simplest gift of all:

Why are Hispanic moms like this LMFAOOOOO

Twitter: @brendarachell_

"What are you going to want for your birthday?"

"For you not to be a spoiled brat and that you go to school and behave is the best gift for me."

22. And finally, this mom who expressed just how much she loves her kid:

Texts from my 75-year-old Cuban mother are becoming my favorite thing. When she heard I was feeling under the weather:

Twitter: @LacketyLac

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