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    I Watched "Malignant" For The Plot, And That Plot Was George Young Looking Hot

    The only thing as wild as this movie is my thirst for George Young.

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!

    If you're one of the many people who saw Malignant over the weekend, then I'm sure you're still trying to process what you saw. I know I am.

    And while you still may not have fully wrapped your head around how a parasitic twin can become a full-blown MCU-level villain, you definitely wrapped your eyes around detective Kekoa Shaw.

    Detective Kekoa standing next to a car

    Hell, I couldn't even concentrate on all that Matrix-level killing sometimes because the man is just so beautiful.

    A closeup of Kekoa's face

    He is played by British actor George Young, and needless to say, George knows exactly what he's doing to us.

    In the film, both Sydney and Winnie's thirst for Kekoa was off the charts, and honestly, who can blame 'em?

    We never truly find out if he ended up with either of them, but I think we can all agree that he'll be walking ME down the aisle in the inevitable sequel. Sorry to everyone else.

    #Malignant Stories: I got cut for this movie! (Literally at one point: on some sugar glass making contact with my baby soft skin, but that's for another post): MALIGNANT OUT SEPT 10TH SEE YOU THERE!

    Twitter: @tweetfromgeorge

    If you've been crushing on George since his stint on CW's Containment — well, GOOD FOR YOU. But this is my first time on the George Young train, so let me hop on in peace!

    A shot of George Young through glass

    Apparently, I'm not the only one who's taking this ride:

    If you look like detective Kekoa from Malignant please DM me

    Twitter: @oaugustx

    I want to see George Young in everything from now on (including my dreams)… Talk about eye Candy 😍 #malignant

    Twitter: @Sequins4thots

    Me: I’m watching #MalignantMovie for the plot The plot:

    Twitter: @Mischief4horror

    And yes George Young I will have all of your babies… #Malignant

    Twitter: @shonnia21

    Malignant 2021: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ One of these stars is all thanks to this fine ass detective (George young). Like dear lord... #Malignant #MalignantMovie

    Twitter: @Mrperfectlyshy

    detective kekoa shaw #Malignant

    Twitter: @akidilf

    The dude is a talented snack and a half and if I'm going down this rabbit hole I figured I would take the rest of you along with me. Let's go.

    Not only does he still look great after getting into a violent confrontation with Gabriel...

    Twitter: @tweetfromgeorge

    ...but he had me wishing I was the dumpster he was plopping down onto.

    He also just happens to have the most adorable "holy shit" face around. This also happened to be my reaction through the movie's entire third act.

    Though we didn't hear his accent in the film, you can get a taste of it here when he saw the Malignant poster for the first time.

    My reaction this morning to the #Malignant poster reveal #MalignantMovie OUT IN THEATRES SEPT 10 @wbpictures @hbomax

    Twitter: @tweetfromgeorge

    And according to his Twitter, he's also an ex-lawyer, so behind those good looks and British accent is an even hotter brain that could take any of us to court.

    As if being an ex-lawyer and actor wasn't enough — he's also a dedicated father to two tiny humans, one of which was just born in February this year:

    He also knows the importance of wearing a mask, which these days is a mandatory quality I look for in any man.

    And for those wondering if Mr. Young is single, he unfortunately is not. He's married to TV host and actor Janet Hsieh. Cheers to the hot couple, though!

    On top of all that, he pulls focus from otherwise stunning landscapes...

    ...and can hold his own next to resident hottie Taika Waititi:

    In conclusion, George Young can do it all. Stay tuned for our future wedding in the new MCU (Malignant Cinematic Universe).