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19 People Who Are Totally Convinced The World Is Ending

No one is safe.

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1. This girl who can't be trusted with beverages.

It's not a good day #WhiteGirlProbs #TheWorldIsEnding

2. This person who is facing an even more dangerous situation.

When you're tinkling and then realize... #sendhelp #halp #theendisnear

3. This person who should have gotten a burrito instead.

4. This person who can no longer send out their selfies.

When you're at summerfest, screaming every time this happens #firstworldprobs #theworldisending @mgabor101

5. And this person with a cool mom.

What is this world coming to ?!?!?! #MomsJoinedThe21stCentury #TheWorldsEnding

6. This person who is now forced to go outside.

...NO... #Netflix #TheWorldIsEnding

7. This person who just got their buzz killed.

I’m out of #bollinger #theworldisending

8. This person who's unwillingly baring some skin to the world.

There is a hole in my favorite pair of pants?!?!?! #theworldisending

9. This person who spent the last % of their battery on a tweet.

Noooo!! This is the worst thing in the world and its happening to me!! :'( #saveme #helpme #theworldisending

10. This person who doesn't know what fragile means.

11. This person who's got the devil on their side.

kegan and i would get 666 as our total #worldisending #goingtohell

12. And this person who's staring straight into the eyes of the devil himself.

The end is near. We've been so blind. #conspiracy #minions #endoftimes

13. This person who wants some balance in their life.

14. This person who is too impatient for their own good.

15. This person who'll regret everything in the morning.

16. This person who just lost all faith in literature.

“@jhuguo: Well this is scary. #worldisending ” #awkward

17. This person whose charger is holding on for dear life.

18. This person who has to work unnecessarily hard for their snack.

19. And finally, this person who might have just witnessed the true apocalypse.

I don't care if this creepy, but all women look at this. A line for the men's restroom. #theworldisending

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