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    23 Kardashian Memes That Hilariously Describe Your Life


    1. For the unexpected twists in your life:

    2. For your accidental IG like:

    3. For the times your ex won’t take “NO” as an answer:

    4. For when you accidentally swipe left on a hot guy:

    5. For when you'd rather party with your friends than be around relatives:

    6. For when you're feelin' real sly:

    7. For when people pry too hard:

    8. For when you hear the tea being spilt:

    9. For your fry obsession:

    10. For when you're playing 21 questions:

    11. For your shitty friends who think stealing your stuff is real funny:

    12. For your Tinder bio:

    13. For your friend who can't take a joke:

    14. For when your mom can't take a joke either:

    15. For when you're feeling real lost:

    16. For when you see your friend is engaged on Facebook:

    17. For showing off your athletic prowess:

    18. For the eternal struggle between you and your bank account:

    19. For when a stranger thinks they know you:

    20. For when you're feeling your look:

    21. For when your man gets too cocky:

    22. For that argument that you'll never win:

    23. And finally, for all your haters:

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