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    You’ll Only Laugh At These 15 Things If You’ve Ever Been To Starbucks

    "What type of currency do they use in outer space? Starbucks."

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    1. When you have to take on a new identity:

    2. When the sizing gets out of hand:

    3. When the alphabet sounds foreign:

    4. When you have a bittersweet day:

    5. When you have a moment of clarity:

    6. When this makes perfect sense:

    7. When you're feeling evil...

    8. ...REAL EVIL.

    9. When things take an unexpected turn.

    10. When the "can I speak to your manager" person ruins your morning.

    11. When your obsession starts to get in the way.

    12. When you forget your name for .02 seconds.

    13. When people do the most:

    14. When you need to be saved:

    15. And finally, when Starbucks just goes all in.

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