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    The Trailer For JLo's Newest Rom-Com Just Dropped, And It Goes In Directions I Didn't Even Expect

    I love romantic mess.

    It's been a minute since Jennifer Lopez graced a rom-com with her presence, but the queen is ready to take back her throne.

    J Lo wearing a one-sleeved sequined costume with matching headpiece

    Except this time, she's bringing Maluma, Owen Wilson, and Sarah Silverman with her. Upon first viewing the trailer, I was dumbstruck by how chaotic the plot was and had to watch it a second time. Before you even watch the trailer, let me break it all down for you:

    J Lo hugging someone in a room full of people

    This is Kat Valdez, played by none other than Ms. Jennifer Lopez. Kat is a famous pop star, as evidenced by how great she looks in these Guess sunglasses here.

    Kat smiles as she adjusts her large Guess sunglasses

    Kat is going on her "Marry Me" concert tour with her man Bastian, who is also a famous singer. Bastian, of course, is played by *my* husband, Maluma.

    Bastian giving Kat a kiss on the cheek

    Kat and Bastian have a new song called, you guessed it, "Marry Me," and the two plan on performing this song while also exchanging their vows during said performance. And if that wasn't pressure enough, the performance will be live-streamed in front of 20 million people worldwide.

    Posters promoting the single Marry Me

    That's kinda a lot for a wedding, but sure, they're in love, right?

    Bastian says to Kat, "See you tomorrow" to which she replies, "I'll be the one in the veil"

    We then cut to Parker (played by Sarah Silverman) basically begging math teacher Charlie (Owen Wilson) to go to this Kat Valdez concert/wedding with her since she has three extra tickets.

    He doesn't want to, but then his daughter Lou basically bullies him into going.

    So what does Charlie do? He goes to the concert and then regrets it immediately.

    Charlie in the middle of his fellow concertgoers saying "What am I doing here?"

    Cut back to Kat backstage. With veil in hand and just SECONDS before she's supposed to go out there and marry Bastian, Kat finds out that Bastian was caught making out with her assistant!! And worse, everyone in the world knows about it too.

    Then, as she pops up on stage, Parker hands Charlie the "Marry Me" sign she took to the concert.

    And Kat, as any normal human being would do, sees Charlie's sign and goes, "Sure, what the hell, I'll marry this stranger that I don't even know."


    So just to catch you up to speed, Kat is now awkwardly married to a man she doesn't even know, and Charlie got married to an international superstar at a concert he didn't even wanna be at. We love mess.

    Kat and Charlie awkwardly sitting in a limo after the concert/wedding

    Late-night outlets are now making jokes about her, and her management team is just as stressed as we all are by this wild decision. Despite this, she feels pressured to keep this marriage going, since she started it in the first place.

    Charlie doesn't seem to feel the same pressure and fully acknowledges that he got himself into this web, but somehow Kat convinces him to play along anyway.

    So as far as the public is concerned, they are now a legitimate married couple who like being around each other. But one just can't marry a pop star without learning what that kind of lifestyle entails. Cut to Charlie looking awk as hell on a red carpet:

    Dude also gets chased by the paps now.

    Charlie running down the street

    But this movie isn't just about Charlie learning about her world. She also has to learn how to live in his.

    Charlie inviting Kat to the fall semi-formal at his school

    And what happens when two people spend enough time together and learn to embrace each other's worlds? Well, they fall in love (probably, IDK, I haven't seen the movie or been in love yet).

    Kat and Charlie posing for a photo at the school dance

    Given that JLo is a real-life pop star, of course this movie's gonna come with bops too, like the already released "On My Way (Marry You)."

    JLo recording a song

    Marrying a stranger is definitely not where I thought this rom-com would take me, but I'm not mad that it did. Check out the entire trailer for yourself below, and then watch the movie when it comes out Valentine's Day 2022.

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