Here's Jasmine Masters Reacting To "And I Oop" Being The #1 GIF Of The Year

    Jasmine is the award-winning legend we all deserve.

    Unless you've been staring at wall for all of 2019, then you know that "And I oop" is the phrase that keeps on giving.

    It's been quoted about a trillion times at this point and originates from the brilliant mind of Jasmine Masters, a former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant and America's meme sweetheart.

    Well, earlier this month GIPHY released their list of the top GIFs of 2019, and to our delight, our beloved Jasmine took the #1 spot with over 490 million views on their site alone!

    when I’m mid convo and a period cramp paralyzes me

    She was given the news/a cool award via a package from GIPHY and her reaction was so damn cute:

    Fans of Jasmine are making it known that she's finally in the throne she so rightfully deserves:

    @PopCrave @GIPHY she is an icon, she is a legend and she is the moment, come on now!

    Here's to seeing what gems Jasmine gives us in the new year!

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Jasmine for comment. Follow her on Instagram here.