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    It's Time To Recognize Rachel Dratch As A Reigning Queen Of Comedy

    Bow down.

    Drop everything and listen up because it's time to talk about a person that is a true one-of-a-kind comedic GENIUS. That person is the incomparable Rachel Dratch.


    Rachel is truly one of the most iconic and underrated SNL alums to date and has proven her immense talent time and time again.

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    Most people know Dratch from her seven year stint on Saturday Night Live... or more specifically, as the HILARIOUS "Debbie Downer."


    ♪ WAH WAH ♪

    But The Dratch has been making people laugh alongside Tina Fey before you even knew who Tina Fey was.

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    A legend in waiting on Chicago's Second City stage.

    When the SNL stage came calling, Dratch blessed the world with some of the greatest television moments of all time.


    Like when she managed to make every single cast member (including Lindsay Lohan herself) break during the very first and most memorable Debbie Downer skit.

    She effortlessly performed the plight of a horny, middle-aged Boston "teen"...


    ... then made spiced meat shanks an appropriate source of protein for every hot tub love-ah.


    Will Ferrell can't even resist.

    Every time Dratch came on the SNL stage, she basically guaranteed a laugh in six seconds or less.

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    And she was never afraid of looking ridiculous for the sake of her art.


    No laugh track needed.

    Dratch graciously shared the screen week after week alongside other mega-talented women and managed to stand out in a major way.



    After Saturday Night Live, did she fall off the face of the Earth? FUCK NO.


    ... the game is a lot harder than you think.

    She's gotten hysterical and downright filthy with Billy Eichner on Billy on the Street.

    And only The Dratch could have played multiple characters on 30 Rock. From Barbara Walters...


    ... to a "Valentime's Day" prostitute.

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    It's not really Valentine's Day unless you add an "m" in there.

    Comedy newcomers, like Ilana Glazer, made sure to secure some screen time with the comedy legend.

    via Comedy Central

    via Comedy Central

    And only The Dratch could be paid to sit down with a glass of wine and recap The Bachelor in its entirety.

    Funny or Die
    Funny or Die

    The Dratchelor > The Bachelor

    In between everything else, she found time to be a critically acclaimed author.

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    BFF Tina Fey calls this work of literary art, "funny, honest and optimistic."

    And proved that playing multiple roles in ONE Off-Broadway play is a piece of cake.

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    Even Amy Poehler bows down to the greatness of Queen Dratch.

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    Quote via

    There's no character too big, small, or ludicrious for The Dratch to take on.

    Billy Eichner / Via

    So what's next for the legendary Dratch? Well, it looks like The Real Housewives will come a knockin' very soon...


    Because there's nothing she can't do.

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