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Can You Get Through This Post Without Moaning With Pleasure?

*Water droplets emoji*

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1. Perhaps Oscar Isaac will let you get a bit of a taste.

A Saboteur / Via

2. Or Godfrey Gao will let you crawl into bed with him.

HarpersBazaarTH / Via

3. Chris Pratt may stare angrily into your eyes.

Marvel Studios

4. Or Trai Byers may lie by your side.

5. Perhaps Michael B. Jordan will let you have it all.

Focus Features

6. Or Joe Manganiello may show you the goods.

Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures

7. Boris Kodjoe may give you a private striptease.


8. Or Ryan Gosling may get bored of his pants.

Sidney Kimmel Entertainment

9. Perhaps you'll get sweaty with Idris Elba.

7dub / Via

10. Or surprise Jake Gyllenhaal in the sexiest way possible.

11. Tom Hardy may want to have a serious convo with you.


12. Or you might make Rami Malek smile eternally.

ABC / Via

13. Perhaps Miguel Ángel Silvestre will go from business to casual with you.


14. Or Jesse Williams will ask you to hop in the shower.


15. David Beckham might just get wet with you.

H&M / Via

16. Or Mark Ruffalo may read you a ~sexy~ bedtime story.

Warner Independent Pictures

17. Perhaps Harry Shum Jr. will loosen his tie.

20th Century Fox

18. Or Omari Hardwick will make you question everything.

19. Daniel Henney may breathe in your presence.

Lotte Entertainment

20. Or Tyler Posey may bring your silly side out.

Tyler Posey / Via Twitter: @tylerposey

21. Perhaps Matthew Lewis will manspread to your delight.

Attitude / Via

22. Or Nick Jonas may show you a whole new world.




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