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    17 Things Anyone Considering Getting Invisalign Should Probably Know

    Yes, your teeth will shift back if you don't wear retainers.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to ask us — two Invisalign wearers — any questions they had about what life with Invisalign is like. Here are their great questions and our responses:

    Note: Neither of us is an orthodontist or a licensed professional, and we can only speak to our lived experience. Always consult with your dentist or orthodontist before doing anything related to your teeth!

    Shelby completed her Invisalign treatment in 2019, and Pablo is currently wearing his aligners. And no, this isn't a sponsored post.

    1. "I want to know what it cost everyone! My insurance will cover some of it, but not all, and I’m curious how much the price ranges!"

    An itemized bill stating that I, Pablo, owe $4,350 for Invisalign, which is paid out in $165 monthly payments

    2. "Does it hurt?"

    Shelby holding her jaw in pain saying, "Put my new Invisalign trays in yesterday and my mouth is still mega sore"

    3. "What's the average amount of time they're worn for?"

    4. "Do you have to go through a dentist, or is it something where you do the trays at home?"

    Three Invisalign trays in their plastic bags with dates on them

    5. "Do you think it was worth the money versus cheaper competitors?"

    Pablo's tooth progress in six months, in which his teeth straightened out

    6. "How bad is the lisp?"

    Dorothy on Golden Girls saying, "What are you saying?"

    7. "Do you switch trays often?"

    8. "I know you have to brush your teeth after eating a meal, but do you have to brush your teeth after eating anything?"

    Four packs of dental floss on a desk

    9. "How is it adjusting to sleeping in them? I had braces as a young teen but didn't wear my retainer ever and now need to bring my front upper teeth back in. But I'm worried I won't be able to sleep with stuff in my mouth."

    Baby Yoda sleeping

    10. "How long are you supposed to wear the retainers after it's done?"

    11. "Is the fitting process similar to that of a night guard? Does it do anything for teeth grinding?"

    A dental employee scanning a patient's teeth using a big white wand

    12. "What did you do to get rid of air space between your teeth and aligners? Did you have to bite on a chewy/bite stick throughout the day to help with the space? Or did you go back to your orthodontist? And if that’s the case, what did they do?"

    Pablo chewing down on a Chewie

    13. "Does it take long to get an appointment and then the trays?"

    14. "How do you correct an over-/underbite?"

    Pablo's mouth, which has a rubber band connecting his top and bottom teeth with the use of hooks

    15. "I am doing Invisalign myself, and I want to know, if you don't brush your teeth every single time before you put your trays back in, how bad is it really going to be???"

    An X-ray of teeth with fillings

    16. "I’ve been seeing a bunch of TikToks of people putting in their retainers after not wearing them for a week and then wailing in pain 😶. What’s that about?"

    17. "Do your teeth move back after you stop wearing them?"

    Do you have any questions about Invisalign or want to share your own experience? Share them in the comments!