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    21 Photos Of Shadows You'll Have To Look At Twice To Believe

    A shadow never lies.

    1. This shadow that's just havin' some fun with our eyes:

    A man is standing on a slope and there is a shadow near him, which makes it appear like he is floating
    u/tommytwooo / Via

    2. This tree shadow that has some deep sentimental meaning behind it somewhere:

    Two trees are casting shadows onto a bare tree that makes it look like the tree's shadow is full of leaves
    u/UnholyFire23 / Via

    3. This bull shadow that's about to come to life:

    A mounted bull head is casting a shadow making it look like it has a body beneath it
    u/youessbee / Via

    4. This pen's shadow that will never forget its past:

    A pen that was made from recycled bottles is displaying a shadow that looks like a water bottle
    u/Tyler__Harris / Via

    5. Same with this lightning cable shadow:

    A new iPhone charger is casting a shadow that looks like its predecessor
    u/baddam903 / Via

    6. This bookcase shadow that is too cool for words:

    Book cases are casting shadows that look like a city scape on the wall
    u/Mitchdavismann / Via

    7. This glass shadow that basically looks like a bad omen:

    A glass is casting a shadow that has a creepy skull in it
    u/Moiip / Via

    8. This cameraman's shadow that can best be described as a good boy:

    Two cameramen are casting a shadow that looks like a dog on the wall
    u/MuchoGrande / Via

    9. This Starbucks shadow that said, "I'm a multifaceted font":

    A decal on the window is in italics, but its shadow on the wall shows the font in straight text
    u/aviatorlj / Via

    10. This friendly truck shadow:

    A truck is driving down the road and the bed of the truck is casting a shadow that says "Hi" on the road
    u/Hadouken617 / Via

    11. This lamp shadow that's straight out of a Tim Burton film:

    The shadow looks like a happy spider playing with a ball
    u/composerken / Via

    12. This shadow that gave us a visually pleasing moment:

    A shadow is being perfectly split down one road, leaving one side bright as hell and the other dark
    u/caitwcam / Via

    13. Same with this shadow:

    A shadow is being perfectly split in half by a line in a sidewalk
    u/flying_jaffas / Via

    14. This cat food bag shadow that may be harboring a secret of its own:

    A cat food bag is casting a shadow that looks like a cat
    u/MarkSputnik / Via

    15. This shadow beam:

    One long shadow in the sky
    u/prestod / Via

    16. This shadow that knew exactly what it was doing:

    A hotel displays their room numbers by casting shadows on the wall with the room number
    u/cdvsom / Via

    17. This man and dog shadow that combined to make the ultimate mythical creature:

    A man and dog are walking on the beach and their shadow looks like a centaur
    u/burritopalace / Via

    18. This ladder shadow that's real wavy:

    A semitrailer is driving down the road and the ladder on the back of it is casting a shadow that looks all wavy and bent
    u/bpcity81 / Via

    19. This shadow that kept a decal alive:

    There is a Cornell University decal on the back window of a car that is peeling, but its shadow spells out Cornell perfectly
    u/tardis1217 / Via

    20. This bridge shadow that has its mind in the gutter:

    A bridge is casting shadows that look like penises
    u/DragonflyRex / Via

    21. And finally, this shadow that proves giraffes are truly magical:

    A standing giraffe is casting a shadow that looks like a unicorn
    u/3_pac / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting

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