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    17 Boyfriends Who Won't Be Single Anytime Soon

    "The Instagram Boyfriend" title is not given, it's earned.

    1. Hi dudes, it's me, a dude.

    2. I'm just here to remind you that love takes many forms β€” one of which is the willingness to take fire photos for that special person in your life.

    I put my life on the line so my girl can have the perfect photo LMFAO!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ“ΈπŸ”₯

    3. Some of these guys risked it all for the perfect shot, and I honestly commend them for it.

    4. A good boyfriend doesn't complain every time his S.O. asks for an Insta (or 100).

    5. They do what it takes to get the best shot possible.

    I’ve learned more about love from watching my dad reluctantly rearrange the living room so my mom can make snow angel boomerangs for her 29 Instagram followers than anything else in life

    6. Whether that's holding up a surfboard...

    7. ...hanging off the edge of a pool...

    8. ...or being one with the ground, a good photo knows no limits.

    9. Sure, sometimes you don't want to be seen as the photographer in your relationship, but if you think about it, you're both helping create timeless pieces of art.

    danicajoycee /

    10. Do you really want your name tied to a bad photo? This guy sure doesn't.

    11. So the next time your S.O. wants to get their photo taken, get that prime lighting out like this guy here.

    minastars / Via

    12. Ask your S.O. which angle they'd like best.

    My dad is an #instagramboyfriend HAHAHAHAHAHHA

    13. Hype them up and make them feel like their badass self.

    14. Make sure they're framed perfectly.

    adelmoral_ / Via

    15. Surround yourself with others who won't shame you for taking pics.

    extra-lasagna / Via

    16. And most importantly, do it with love and patience. Taking a great photo takes time and multiple poses!

    17. In conclusion, be more like A.Rod here and just be happy you've got someone in your life who trusts you enough to photograph them.

    A. Rod watching @JLo on the #AMAs stage

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