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    17 Texts You'd Only Send To Your Long-Distance BFF, Including "Bitch Guess What?!"

    "WTF is more important than me right now?"

    1. When you miss 'em, but you miss 'em more when you're wasted:

    2. When you forget that they don't live down the street anymore:

    3. When you gotta make sure they never EVER forget you:

    4. When you gush about your crushes:

    5. And then support each other when those crushes fuck up:

    6. When you've got some drama to share:

    7. When your BFF says they're busy:

    8. But it's not like either of you care about that anyway:

    9. When your throne is threatened:

    10. When you wake up each morning to a new random message:

    11. When you have unique ways of showing each other that you care:

    12. When you have shared experiences even though you're miles apart:

    13. When you have to talk shit:

    14. When you're a pest and proud:

    15. When you watch TV together via very dramatic texts:

    16. When you reunite once again:

    17. And finally, when no amount of distance will ever affect the love you two have for each other: