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Immigrants And Their Children Clap Back At Trump With "#ImAlreadyHome" Tweets

"Citizenship is more than laws, papers, where you're born."

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On Jan. 25th, Trump signed two executive orders to build a wall along the US–Mexico border and strip funding for sanctuary cities. He also plans to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.

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In response to this, Huffington Post Latino Voices put out a call for pro-immigrant stories using the hashtag #ImAlreadyHome.

We want to hear from you! Share your photos using the hashtag #ImAlreadyHome

This is what people had to say:


I'm an immigrant, son of a farmworker, & honored to serve as a U.S. Congressman. We should all have this opportunit…


Came to the US with $127 dollars to their name and not one word of English so that I could reach the stars.…


My parents left it all in Peru 🇵🇪washed dishes and cleaned houses/offices so we could have the opportunities we do…


They sacrificed their careers,left behind family, and have done nothing but work to make sure I had a better life…


my grandpa came to the states working in fields and only learned English through donated comics. Now I get to draw comics. #ImAlreadyHome


My mom-in-law left a tiny Honduras village 48 years ago 2 raise 3 kids alone in NOLA & run her biz. #ImAlreadyHome


Worked in the CA CV fields next to my parents. Earned a BA, MS..have taught 100's of children to read.…


My parents built themselves from the ground up. Raised me to work hard & have strong core values. #ImAlreadyHome…


Citizenship is more than laws, papers, where you're born. Citizenship is how you show up for other people. I am citizen and #ImAlreadyHome


My dad is a Mexican immigrant who risked it all 2 live & raise a family here +start his own business.He makes Ameri…


My single mom fled the civil war in El Salvador (80s) & came to America, survived DV& raised 2 1st gen daughters successfully #imalreadyhome


Thank you mami for your sacrifices, so that I can realize our American dream #ImAlreadyHome


My mother raised 4 kids on her own. 3 went to college, the other serves in the @USMC She works helping the communi…


My dad and my family immigrated here from Venezuela and he went from vacuuming cars to having his own office in nyc #ImAlreadyHome


Immigrated from Mexico; factory/field laborers to college educated giving back to the community in education & eng…


My family left Cuba and Nicaragua to escape communist regimes. They're the hardest working AMERICANS I know…


My single mother from Mexico put all three of us through college. Her dignity & hardworking rhetoric make this coun…


My grandfather, Afro-cuban immigrant. Came to play baseball in a racist south. Refused to allow segregation defeat…


Parents emigrated from DR in the 60's, him an auto worker for GM, her a seamstress in factories. Raised 3 proud Ame…

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