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    The "I Made Queso" Meme Is The Only Super Bowl Meme That Matters

    More like quesNO, amirite?

    As you know, sports happened, balls were thrown, and people everywhere devoured mountains of food during Sunday's Super Bowl.

    Patrick Smith / Getty Images

    But no food was talked about more than Fox News anchor Dana Perino's "queso."

    Needless to say, people had a lot of thoughts about this concoction (yes, that is her queso recipe below):

    this queso recipe asked me “no, like where are you *from*” on Grindr

    Twitter then did what they do best and turned it into a hilarious meme, because why the hell not?

    Some thought the sarcophagus was opened once more:

    Others had Fyre Fest flashbacks:

    This person thought this pool of cigarettes bore an uncanny resemblance to the queso:

    While this person looked back to when it starred in The Shining:

    Some took creative risks with their queso recreations:

    Like, REAL creative:

    Patton here turned to art to show off his interpretation of Dana's creation:

    While this person just pooled some dirty sink water:

    Some were more blunt about what they thought they saw:

    Others felt like it looked like hockey mascot Gritty in liquid form:

    This person felt like it was a giant pool of lava:

    While this person found some burnt chicken drumstricks and called it a day:

    And finally, this person just shared a picture of Garfield holding a condom in his mouth, because that's what this meme has come to.

    This queso is just the gift that keeps on giving.