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21 Jokes About Eating Junk Food That Will Make You LOL

"Who cares about hashtags when there’s hash browns."

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1. This relatable ~fad~:

2. This truth:

3. This cheesy goodness:

4. This realization:


5. This booty-ful fact:

6. This story that will make you cry:

7. This pizza p-high?

8. This social movement:


9. This gourmet-to-go plate:

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10. This inclusive praise:

11. This admission:

12. This hot conversation:


13. This irreconcilable difference:

14. This saga:

15. This sweet recipe:

16. This refined palate:


17. This disappointing turn of events:

18. This mess:

19. This perfect response:

20. This little white lie:

21. And finally, this horrible irony: