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    Posted on Nov 8, 2017

    18 Times The Internet Understood Just How Petty You Actually Are

    "Be positive, be patient, be petty."

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    1. Being petty is an art form that's not to be taken lightly.

    2. It carries a lot of prestige and responsibility.

    3. And it helps you make very important life decisions.

    pettymemesyndrome / Via

    4. Sometimes you just gotta get back at someone in the smartest way possible.

    5. Other times, you gotta get others (like your phone) to do the petty work for you.

    6. Either way, you work in the business of petty and you are the muthafuckin' CEO.

    7. Sure, you can be a little extra at times...

    8. ...OK, a lot extra.

    9. And sometimes your petty actions do have consequences.

    being reckless and petty and then being surprised when there are consequences

    10. But who's to say you can't just be yourself?

    11. You make those fries yours!

    12. You let that ex know who's best!

    13. Use emojis how you see fit!

    14. When you feel yourself taking a step back, evaluate the situation closely...

    15. ...and then GO. OFF.


    16. You are the true HBIC.

    teenagerslifeishard / Via

    17. Let the haters know your pettiness will never die.

    18. Because, after all, what is life if you're not petty AND proud?

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