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19 Texts From Straight Men That Need To Be Studied In An Anthropology Class

*sets phone on fire* H/T str8boytexts

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1. First of all, they have literally zero chill.

2. Like, NONE AT ALL.

3. And they don't make very good jokes sometimes.

4. Like, why can't you just have a normal convo??????

5. It's 12:46 p.m. for god's sake!!!!


7. They have VERY short-term memory.

8. They don't always excel in reading comprehension.

9. And they don't always, uh...get the hint.

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10. They think casual conversation is always "leading them on."

11. They don't know wtf "NO" means.

12. I mean.

13. Not only are they sometimes delusional, THEY'RE JUST STRAIGHT-UP WRONG.

14. Did I mention that they have no chill?

15. They don't listen to NO.

16. They take delicious, everyday things like Pringles and ruin them.

17. They don't know how to put their phones down.

18. They seriously don't know how to just have a conversation.

19. And, honestly, they can be so fragile.

H/T @str8boytexts

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